Building Dreams Since 1985.

At J. Wilbert Fine Homes, we do things that will make your home as solid and beautiful in the years to come as it is when you first move in.

Seemingly small details make a big difference in a home’s appearance and structural integrity after just a few seasons in the Pacific Northwest weather.

Instead of hemlock, we use Douglas fir for framing and high-quality plywood sheeting to ensure that the walls remain true and resist warping. Rather than cut corners, we work with durable materials like cedar trim on the exterior, which hold paint better and resist rot through the years.

Wood clad windows are not just aesthetically better, they are more durable over time. Solid wood floors may cost more, but their ability to retain a rich, warm appearance through the years will outweigh the initial cost.

These are just a few of the myriad details you’ll find in a J. Wilbert home. And why owners are happy to refer us to their friends.

“We enjoy what we do, and we take pride in doing it well.”
J. Wilbert